Make sure that your citation lists the medium for all multimedia sources. Use words like: Print. Television. PDF file. Performance. DVD, Radio, etc.
Film / Video

Twilight Saga: New Moon. Dir. Chris Weitz. Perf. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner. Warner Bros., 2009. DVD.

Films, Radio, and Television Programs

"Roberto Clemente." American Experience. Narr. Jimmy Smits. PBS. WGBH, Boston, 14 June 2009. Television.

"Subhuman's Timeless Hardcore Punk." Fresh Air. Host Terry Gross. National Public Radio, 20 Aug. 2009. Radio.

Sound Recording/ Song: Album, CD, etc.

Jones, Norah. "Don't Know Why." Come Away With Me. Blue Note, 2002. CD.

Personal or Telephone Interview

Craig, John. Personal interview. 23 Sept. 1994.

Personal photograph (for your scanned personal images!)

(Begin with a description of the photo. Do not use italics or quotation marks. Indicate who took the photo and the date it was taken.)

Grandpa in his Navy Uniform. 4 July 1943. Personal photograph by Laura Kasman.